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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  June 10, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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good thursday morning or friday eve. >> i like that better. how are you doing out there? >> good, how are you doing over there? >> i'm doing all right. what are you going to talk to mare yam about today. today we're going to be talking about continuing your education as an adult maybe you dropped out of college or maybe you're interested in stud studying with something new. she's going to give us more advice on adult education. >> we're going to talk about the girl scouts, the nature center it's open out there in ole kin city, we have a ranger coming in and i think he's brought in a bunch of critters for you. he'll like that.
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>> also ahead we're going to talk to two guys from the local company, but it is so cool if you're going to a concert, everything can be scanned on your phone. local companies they've been here for ten years. >> where are they? >> what? >> these local companies. >> can i charge you for a convenience fee for doing it in my own living room? >> whose convenient? >> i'm convenient. >> we're going to talk to two of them and they're going to tell us abthat night and they're going to honor some real respectable people. >> it's thursday, we're going to bring in a pet that's up for adoption. his name is charlie. he's going to take your questions live on the air. >> how are we going to get this all in? >> i don't know so we better move on. >> today's hot topic, so let's get right to it.
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i heard a loud explosion, i happened to be filming it and i jumped and apparently it was for them to enter into the home. >> it started out with a report of an assault at a home in pikesville and it ended with the home being raided in connection with authorities are being called a cult like group. in between twists and turns all the way to wisconsin this assault happened tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. an 18-year-old was found with severe injuries. the raid happened late yesterday morning police say may have a person of interest that they're questioning. it brings to light some disturbing questions. abc christian schaeffer tells us people living in the area have been asking for a very long time. >> reporter: for at least the passed step years neighbors say things just didn't seem normal at this house. >> in the summer we'd see women with long skirts and things on their heads mowing the lawn and
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doing lawn work as well. >> no one really lived in the house. there was no mail delivery and the windows were always covering. >> there was a lot ofest cavitting, a lot of digging. we were quite alarmed. >> reporter: nothing prepared people who lived here just off park place avenue in pikesville for what they saw today. >> i saw two police cars here and the road was blocked off and i couldn't get through. i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: what was going on was a police stand off in response to the assault case from tuesday night around 11:00 a.m. officers fired a flash bang device into the home, manny got video of it with his camera. police didn't find anyone inside the home. a man nay abram cohen owns it. he's said to be a founder of recollusive religious group. county police say he is not here at the time of the assault but a person of interest was
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questioned. the sift group is based in wisconsin. neighbors hope it will lead to answers what was going on there and the house on michelle way. >> you never know. i hope we find out. i really do. >> reporter: christian schaeffer, ab c-2 news. >> the woman who was injured by the way in this case is in serious but stable condition. they police say they have a person of interest they are questioning but there has not been an arrest in this case. we're learning more about the man behind the organization which authorities say is kind of like cult like. it is a bizarre tail takes us to wisconsin where cohen and the sift group have been making headlines for years now. here is more with the story. >> reporter: the group was apparently started back in the 1960 the primary figure is this man known as baltimore as abram cohen. he's the same man a design les of the lord jesus christ in the
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1960s in wisconsin. for more than 20 years the group held -- after the members of the group begin to leave he changed his name to rc roy. they changed to saw man that roy institute of science and technology or sit for short. purchases ranging gas stations, a restaurant a hotel and even this. a racetrack that features car, motorcycle and go-cart racing. around 2006 the relationship between the town and sit begin to change. officials took accidence the group after many of their commercial props were vacant and taxes were not being paid on others the city began proceedings to collect back taxes and the group beginning putting out video against the mayor and the city.
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in 2008 a canadian businessman was contacted by the business group and wired more than $175,000. he was given a list of 60 names to kill the top officials in the name, with the mayor at the top of the list. an investigation by the fbi resulted in no charges against that group. at around the same time rc roy had his name legally name changed to abram cohen where women was allegedly assaulted. county police will not say if cohen is involved in this accident. >> you need more, mere here comes more, the group filed for bankruptcy protection owing creditors more than $13 million. but the federal judge through out their bankruptcy protection abram cohen donated more than half million dollars to a school in baltimore county. now the city lawsuit is considered live by the mayor and other officials.
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ab c-2 news continues to update and follow this news. log on to our website for moreen on the investigation and more on this group's history. good morning everyone, let's take a trip down memory lane. i think you're going to like this because today is going to be a hot one. yesterday's high came in at 71 degrees. forecasting a high right around 87 degrees. we're going to be close to 90. right now we're going to be dealing temperature into richmond. pittsburgh 72. al tuna, 66 degrees. philly70. new york 71 degrees. temperatures now coming in at 77 degrees into baltimore. i just showed you this maybe a few minutes ago. we've jumped up to 77. you can see where the mercury is going just on the up and up.
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72 degrees into york right now. hagueers town maryland coming in at 74. oakland is at 63 degrees. we have a hot day on tap for us. as we check out the satellite radar, not a lot, but we do have a few showers this morning, a cluster of thunderstorms that has rolled to our south. we have high pressure that's going to be building in, it's going toscaer out all those clouds and bringing us plenty of sunshine. the satellite and radar, this is your bigger view, you can see the big thunderstorms around, but it's fizzling out, dying down that's some good news so if your travel takes you to the south you're not going to be dealing with too many thunderstorms as of now. plenty of sunshine once again for tomorrowment when saturday rolls around we'll have a few more clouds in the forecast we'll also have a chance for showers maybe a rumble of thunder as well. i'm going to add insult to injury, we're going to be very
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humid as we go into the weekends as well. try to enjoy it, if you have some activities you need to do it this morning. mostly sunny, hot, slightly humid. the humidity is going to get. as we look at what's going to be happening as we go into tonight, that temperature 77 degrees, mostly clear and still warm. we dip into tomorrow and the temperature right around 84 degrees, partly cloudy. not as hot. you decide, you be the judge, we will be seeing the humidity move into here, those 80s are going to be feeling more like 90s. and we cool back down into tuesday andean, back to you. -- wednesday back to you. >> thanks. coming up a local company is on its way for you to use your cell phone to scan your ticket at the next great show. >> adult continuing education is becoming more popular, what do you need to know before you
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get another degree. and a story that's creating a lot of buzz, why some people are keeping beehives in their backyard.
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today you isle be able to get outside and enjoy some warm
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weather, market kicks off from the season and runs from 10:45 this morning until 3:00 this afternoon. you'll also be able to find fresh fruits and veggies for farmer's market will be open on saturday. keep that in mind. a look at hobby that's sure to create quite a big buzz, sit dwelling nature lovers working to save declining honey bee population by keeping hives in their backyard. this includes an executive chef in an ap police, karen shows us the buzz. >> reporter: typical city backyard with a garden. the more you're in here, the more you see. beekeepers here in washington, d.c. helping the flight of the humble bumblebee and -- >> you're going to have to help me grab these. >> reporter: scientists studying the honey bee population, it's a welcome
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trend. >> these are depending upon us at this point. they don't do very well in the wild. whenever when people get involved with bee keeping, they help sustain the population. >> reporter: set up high ton the roof of westin hotel. >> a decline, i felt that, you know, family and friends in the area that are farmers and you need more bees because the more bees you have the more produce you produce. >> it will be another season before they show the honey, for now, it's all hiving and thriving. >> i figure at peak within the next month or so, there are going to be 20 to 30,000 flying through there. >> reporter: thousands of bees can probably buzz among the neighbors, but experts say it's safe. >> they've been domesticated for thousands of years. >> reporter: new york, chicago, and san francisco are among other cities that allow bee keeping, in four seasons, no complaints.
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>> no one has been upset or made any notion to me. i also try to do the good will thing by handing out honey. >> when i want -- girl scouts in central maryland it's call camp lochiaser, the park ranger right now, billy who is in charge. billy, are you trying to quest, what's going on? >> reporter: one of our can i bees, it's maryland's largest needed snake and a great -- eater. a lot of people are upset when they see it because they're pretty big. they reach about 8-foot. this is about 5-foot. they're very good eating rodents. >> well, put it down. now in this one you've got the frog, it's not a typical frogging right. >> reporter: these are actually barking tree frogs, in maryland they're endangered species. >> really. >> yes, these were actually
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confiscated by reptile, you can't sell them here in maryland but you can sell them other places. i was one of those places that they decided they would allow me to display. i use him for education. >> reporter: when did you get involved in this. >> about four years old and i brought my mom the first snake. i came to girl scouts as it person. a few years after that, i changed the program. i love nature and i've got to use all my hobbies and my knowledge, you know, kept up for educational purposes now. >> well, now they're learning, without the die -- >> you mix it here with the snake. >> it's okay. >> is that okay. >> there he goes. >> this is diamond, she's a female diamond back, they live out here in chesapeake bay.
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i have another one too that is called nipper because he likes to bite. >> oh, good. bring that one out. there you go. >> you see, this is a full grown male and this is a full grown female. you can see that the big size difference, you know, the females get much larger than the males. >> my buddy was smaller than my aunt joan, i don't know how that happened. >> it's because they take care of the eggs. >> why do they call them diamondbacks? >> from what i'm told, when they're at the surface of cold water and sun shines on them and they sparkle, the sun shines on top of them, that's where they get their name diamondbacks. >> what do the girl scouts get out of this? >> they love it first of all. it's just -- in the education they get. children are getting a much greater appreciation of nature
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and the outdoors than we got when we were kids. and they're learning to take care of environment, using aanimals allow me to help them to take care of environment. they get to see why they're doing it. >> with the oil spill, more and more of us are more environmentally friendly of what's going on. a lot of eyes open and a lot of knowledge going on. >> if one good thing can come from something like an oil spill, it will wake people up. >> you want to see another snake? >> yeah, bring the snake out again. >> we've got the same snake. >> now there are two camps one in -- you have one out in see sill. >> our biggest camp is in cecil county and we're having an open house on there june 20th, we're having an open house there. it's a kick off to resident camp. we have a nature center there as well. that was actually the first one.
9:19 am
i take some animals up there for the summer. >> it's at 5142 well chester road. and right across from the elementary school. >> it's beautiful elegant city. they have tours available. just call the number here. >> the hours are by appointment. >> take any group. >> you want to see the snake megan. >> i want to see you hold the snake. >> i'm not going to pay you to do it. >> i'm proud of you. >> yeah, there you go. >> it's not bad. >> not bad. >> go to her real quick, will you, please? >> what's that snake's name? >> oh, yeah. i call him gone civil la-- gonzilla. go that way. >> go ahead. >> there you go [ laughter ]
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>> all right stay with us. an even worse feeling when you pay for a concert, you show up and you realize you don't have your ticket. this happened to me before. a local company to develop a way to make sure you don't lose your ticket, all you need is your cell phone.
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thanks for joining i this morning. mission media they have done it all and they're making it a lot easier if you're going to concert, great show, you forget your ticks. i've had it happen. it's not fun. they're here this morning, thanks for coming in. for those of you who are familiar with company what exactly is it and in ten years what has it involved into. >> we've been around since 2000 we've really focused on onen line ticketing, a lot of ticketing started with traditional ticketing waiting in lines, paying big service fees we kind of cut through all of that. we try to keep all of our business online and this year we've rolled out a mobile initiative and this is forcing people or joining people to
9:24 am
purchase on their phones, show up to the venue with their phone and our system is capable of scanning right off the screen. >> it's such a cool idea. james, when you guys discovered that you can do this, was it sort of like a no brainer because a lot of people do -- it's happened to me where i've gone to a concert and forgot my tick. >> it's been people who forget their ticket or people losing ticks. we have problems that people get tickets and get destroyed people dope have printers now. it's opening up tuns. >> you guys brought some examples, do you have -- you you dope have to show up for the ipad at concert. >> we have ipad application that we've developed for owners and venues to be able to see in real time what tickets are being sold and then at the door -- so that's administrative feature for the administrators, what we have here is a scanner
9:25 am
right in the middle. >> we'll have to get a shot of that. is that what they use to basically -- >> it's a imager scanner, developed a way so it ties into our system and we'll read write off of a blackberry, droid, an iphone. any sort of mobile device. >> this is all a company would be, this is right here. >> that and software integration as we. so when people purchase tickets on line, they are -- they then go into our database, they can log in using their phone at any time and then our scanning system which we're rolling out in a number of venues throughout maryland right now with the record theater moving on to bourbon street, the scanner will actually scan right off of the screen. >> i want to get to the maryland state fair because they have some big acts. a lot of people want to know about that. and you guys have some exciting news. i remember thinking it was so cool to print it to your printer. so is it -- i guess a big
9:26 am
campaign or big push is all you need is your phone. >> it's a big campaign. also it's big movement with the environment. a lot of people to get -- every ticket it's printed. so now with this there's less trash and saving trees. >> we're seeing at airports you said and grocery stores. >> more and more you're going to be seeing this technology roll out this year. >> before we run, tell me about the state fair. >> this saturday at 10:00 a.m. if you'll be able to buy tickets for the fair, rides, coupon books, but the big anounment the concerts series which we're waking with 24/7 entertainment to bring in justin, so there's going to be a mad dash for tickets. >> your teenager daughter is going to be on it for justin beaver. >> that's exciting. happy tenth birthday, anniversary, whatever have you, thanks for bringing all this
9:27 am
in. it's such a great idea. >> all right mission tick. jamie i know you're a fan. >> that is great. i think bourbon street, you do it for bourbon street. >> i'm right up on that. >> love it. >> it's time to toast a group that has been helping those with disabilities for a long time in our area. more on how you can help the need for people with disabilities. >> are you thinking about getting another degree, what you need to plan for before continuing your higher education, she was a well-known woman in a very small town, this woman had a major secret that the town is now enjoying. ♪ why choose between delicious or 100 calories?
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with yoplait delights... you can finally have both. it's the perfect parfait... ...with two indulgently rich layers... ...of chocolate... ...and raspberry yogurt... ...and only 100 calories. yoplait delights. get rid of the "or".
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whether you dropped out, you never went, you want to go back, it's never too late to go back too school that's why our dear friend mare yam, she's here to tell us more and more people returning to the classroom. >> yes, there are megan. there are so many students going back to school both for
9:31 am
first degree, graduate degree or even to complete a degree. as a matter of fact 47% of the students in colleges today are over 25 years of age. so an adult going back to school is not alone today. >> do you know why there's more people doing it. >> i think it's a combination of the economy and the change in your space. the reality is people need to get their skills updated an people need credentials to have good jobs today and just as we talked about with traditional age students going to college, an adult going back to college and getting a degree or getting a graduate degree lifetime benefit to their income is more than a million dollars. >> it's intimidating where do you begin? >> i think the first place is to start by talking to someone who is specializes in helping you either getting to college as an adult or into graduate
9:32 am
school. so a student might investigate a couple of different places, talk to an admission counselor. find out do they accept advanced standing, is there credit for life experience, what kind of program does that school have or does that college, do they have programs that accommodate date the needs for working adults, like evening classes, sat classes, like support. individualized advising or testing or things that help that person succeed as they come into college. >> i think people are concerned about or might even use as an excuse. for example, i'm a very busy schedule. i have to work i can't quit my job and go to school full time. >> there are many programs this allow a student to actually go to school full time and stay on the job. there are some programs that are limited today time, but really that's the minority today in adult programs. >> same goes to if you have a
9:33 am
family? >> yes. yes. there are many ways in which colleges and universities have accommodated the need of adult students. they've set up classes so that students can attend either one or two reasons or just on saturday the timing of the classes is safe to go with people's work schedules and also for undergraduates if the institution offers any kind of advanced standing for their life experience that can make it easier for them to work. >> what about the expense? >> well, you know, all this year i've been talking about financial aid and it's very important that students invest in whether or not financial aid is available to them. i know we at the university of baltimore have scholarships for transfer students and financial aid available to adults and to graduate students. you know, i've been feeling at
9:34 am
the fafsfa, it's true for the adults as well. >> if you want to go back to school, you've got to look at it now. >> summer is a great time to see about goingen back and to plan your schedule and to get ready to go, even the kind of prep work that needs to be done sometimes can be done in the summer. so adults can get a head start. and the great thing is that they start now, they can go back to school. it's the -- at the same time their children are going back to school. children benefit also from their parents being in college. >> university of baltimore, we're always great to see you have gate advice. >> thank you so much. it's time to toast the league, david joins us, they're from the league from people with disabilities. let's talk about tonight. how many years have we been in economist tense first in -- existence here in baltimore? >> 83 years. >> we help out who? >> it honors people who have
9:35 am
done something that we want to highlight. we have everybody from politicians all the way to people on the street who are anxious to be part of our mission. >> all right. legislative advocate of the year. >> the benjamin car tan, we're proud -- carton. we're proud to honor him for work that he does and representing people and especially the health care which we're all concerned about especially pushing forward. >> advocate of the year is -- >> i'll go on. >> advocate of the year is janice jackson. she's head of the program called wean. and we're so proud of them. it's empowering young women with disabilities who are overlooked. by mentoring and raising consciousness and doing things together. it's an amazing person.
9:36 am
>> i want to make sure that we mention her can caps off. he designated the league down there, raised $10,000 in one day at a tennis tournament. >> the business of the year? >> our corporate advocate is at waters and they have -- they have placed individuals with disabilities who worked there and they'll be there. we won't be serving sue but we'll have a nice dinner. >> ann got into it 83. >> 83 years ago. >> why did you get so involved. >> i started out as part of the decorating committee for the fund-raiser i took a tour of the week. i went up to summer camp and i got hooked. and these people are just such an inspiration to me because they are -- they don't quite know that they don't have -- that they are lacking in some skills, but physically, but
9:37 am
they are there and they are with it. want to partake and be part of the community. they're fabulous. >> people like suzanne, people like the honorees that you have coming up, that's what makes us, right? >> absolutely. it's a wonderful place. it' wonderful to be able to provide services like we do to the people in our community who don't have everything that everybody else has. >> they're family. >> and they're families. >> all of you are invited to come and see what we look like and take swimming lessons and come up to camp. we offer open to the community. we have a physical fitness center. we have a summer camp. >> i want to mention camp green top has been around for 73. it's up at the top of the mountain. it opens up next week. we still have a few slots left. it's a camp specifically for people with disabilities so give us a call. >> toast to the wean, annual awards and advocacy dinner for
9:38 am
the number of tickets and sports and 32, 35,000. >> 0500. >> thank you so much for having us. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. suzanne, good luck to you. >> megan? >> you need a home. you guys this is charlie, he needs a home he's at the maryland coming up next we're going to be here with charlie. we're going to get your questions answered. so give us a ring. we'll show you more of charlie. he is such a nice guy. we'll be right back write down that number. >> charlie is a cutety pi. i wish i can talk about more about that. we had a few showers early this morning, let me choke out maryland's most powerful radar. we have a clean sweep as of now. we have plenty overshine in the forecast. temperature right now into -- coming in at 74 degrees. we have a wind gust at 11 miles
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charlie, the doctor comes in every thursday with a great looking pet. he is adorable. >> isn't he? >> he looked like he was plucked out of a dryer. >> he was plucked out of street. he was found last week. if the owners are watching, let's get a call in an let's
9:42 am
get him reunited. he is looking for a home if the owners done acknowledge and pick him up in the next couple of weeks. everybody start thinking about charlie. if you're interested, he's friendly, laid back. he's coming up and saying hi to everybody. he's there at the maryland scpa. >> plus he has a little beard. >> we'll talk more about charlie. we want to get to some questions. we have tee, what's your question? >> i have a year and a half chow and doberman mix, she's constantly licking, she has a -- licks everyone, everything. >> is he licking because of allergies or just licks everything that's around. >> just licks everything that's around, constantly. >> it can be a nutritional deficiency, makes sure he's on
9:43 am
good vitamins, high quality good, none of the store brand news. and if you're doing both of those things rest of it be behavioral issue. if he wants to lick on everything, try and give him good substitute things to lick on bones and things like that so he's not lick around the carpet. there's nothing wrong with him coming up and giverring everybody a good lick. just have to have a towel around. >> a lot of times they're trying to fine out who it is. they're trying to help identify who it is, they do that with taste and smell. they can't pick things up and an l them. they also may have a little bit of a salt fetish and be interested in salt if you're sweating. >> rick, wants to know his dog has a sore. >> a lot of times we use those collars to prohibit an animal
9:44 am
from licking and chewing in a part of their body. they upset the animals i i'm sure the animals are upset at first. these dogs get used to them at 24 hours. they can go chase balls and things like hawaii it dunn -- matter of animal getting used to those kind of things. the nice things about animals they don't feel sorry for themselves. we feel sorry for ourselves. but the animals don't feel sorry for themselves usually they adapt very quickly. takes them a day to two days and then adjust. >> he needs a home. >> give us a call. >> thanks for coming in. >> you're welcome. >> the cat with two faces, have you seen that? >> no, i'm waiting for that. we showed a video of it. jamie wanted to know, right jamie? >> i asked a stupid question. i said we'll have to ask the doctor, i know it's not normal.
9:45 am
i wanted no know if he had ever seen it before. she was known as a frugal spendser never even paying for her haircut. a town of 1300 are enjoying the fruits of frugalness. an incredible salvey when it caming to playing for this woman.
9:46 am
9:47 am
9:48 am
june 26th through 27th it goes from noon until 9:00 p.m. from lynn wood amp and eastern avenue. if you want more information you want to know who's playing great food dancing, you maim it just go to the website and your screen or you can call that number. >> i am very proud of our friend. tomorrow night he takes his critter and the comic, this is about jerry lewis and dean martin. they're going to be playing in new york at the beach channel theater up there in new york. >> he's been in there before. >> we're -- he and also his buddy matt will place the theater on west 42nd street tomorrow night at 8:00. i wanted to give. >> do you want to explain that the invitation you just did is
9:49 am
very misleading. >> if you have an event you'd like to see, e-mail us right now we may select yours and put it on here. e-mail us personally or you can send it right to morning show. >> so contact us. >> if you've been in our area you'll never know the secrets the neighbors are hiding. a little town it has a small population. we're talking 1300 people. one woman everybody thought they knew her well. >> she passed away and left a quiet generosity. here is more with the story from the american heart. >> reporter: there are two things about 98-year-old verna that just about anyone here can tell you. she was feasty and frugal, she never went to a hairdresser, ever after all she could cut her own hair for free. she refused to buy new shoe laces and improvise looping the zipper from old coat to her boots. >> there's no need to go buy
9:50 am
new clouts. so that's where she bought a lot of her clothes. >> she never made much money earning an hourly wage filleting fish until she was in her 70s. she cut her own firewood until she was in her '90s. she had a big secret and her old friends were entrusted to keep. >> she was a investor. >> here she is giving stock tips to guy's son in 2007. >> at and t gave it away. win down to nothing. remember when it went up last year, 50%. >> the sturdy old lady with no formal -- four-and-a-half million dollars. before she died she directed guy to spend every cent on her hometown. >> she wants a swimming pool to be developed that was her main goal. >> the town's very first pool for the children along with scholarships and grants for
9:51 am
local teachers. >> i think we all could learn a lot from her, you know, she was very simple, but very kind and giving. >> verna didn't want a -- she didn't want any credit at all. abc news long beach washington. >> i absolutely love that story. >> the lady next door. >> chopped her own firewood in her 90s. she got $4 million for breathing and being interesting. isn't that great. >> isn't that something. >> all right. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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9:54 am
good morning everyone. i want you to take a look at these temperatures. i'm pointing out baltimore temperature right around 77 degrees. this temperature has already yesterday which came in at 71. it's going to be a hot day. 81 degrees right now into richmond. norfolk coming in at 79.
9:55 am
a little cooler not too bad. we're still in the 60s into al tuna and even into new york. now the satellite radar not picking up on a whole lot. yes we did have a few showers earlier this morning with some embedded thunderstorms just a little ball, cluster that slid off into the atlantic. this goes into motion and showing you the -- shows you the path of that and shows you the fact that high pressure is building in here. definitely the rain gear and some plots this morning now you need the sun shade because it's blinding out there. a nice looking day. if you don't like the real hot we are it's hospital -- opted you have a little bit of humidity as well. the big picture showing what happened this morning as well. we had some big thunderstorms flairing up. but now things are starting to fizzle out just a little bit. i'm telling you this just in case you take a little trip to the south today. the forecast looks magnificent once again especially for today
9:56 am
and even as we go into tomorrow. we're set to see a few more clouds. we can't rule out maybe a channel for showers or maybe thunderstorms in the forecast. now today 87 degrees that's the number that i'm choosing we're about three degrees away from 90 with that humidity it could feel a little more like 90. but by tonight 77 degrees, mostly clear and still a little bit on the warm side. as we jump into tomorrow, well, the testify which you are, 84 deglees, partly cloudy and it won't be as hot tomorrow maybe a better day if you dope like the outwear, your seven day forecast is coming at you. this is what it looks at right now. we are looking at a high right around 77 -- 87 degrees for today and as we look at tomorrow 84 and then by the weekend, yes, the muggies are going to come back so it's not going to be feeling too great out there. as we go into monday more of the same and the 80's we're seeing there going to be feeling like we're in the 90s.
9:57 am
feeling much better. >> not a bad looking week. >> today's top five i think you picked this out. it is the top five things parents soul learn from their text salvey kids. >> are your kids text salvey. >> number five, don't put down the multi tasking. >> what? what on earth. >> number fourth, join facebook and friend your kids. 77% love that. >> keep on going. >> number three get -- it's been a long day. number one learn communication preferences. >> you know, this facebook thing is catching on, you think? >> yeah, i think. >> we love having you here.
9:58 am
we'll see you tomorrow. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: does elmer fudd have trouble with the letter r? elmer: shhhh, be very quiet; i'm hunting wabbits. director (o/c): ok cut!!!!'s i'm hunting "rabbits," elmer. let's try that again. elmer: shhhh, i'm hunting wabbits. director (o/c): cuuuuut! rabbits. elmer: wabbits director (o/c): rabbits. elmer: wabbits. director (o/c): rabbits with an "r." elmer: aw...this diwector's starting to wub me the wong way. vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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